Desde 9D VR went public in March, with it’s special, interactive, entertainment related “VR+ Shopping Mall” “VR+ Real Estate” “VR+ Library” and so on, apply across different kinds of fields like business, culture, tourism.
And it has sell well all over the world, get the praise of customers at home and abroad!

Now, the 9D VR will step in catering industry gradually. Last week, a lot of catering sector celebrities came to visit our company, and discussed the “VR Catering” profit model.
Xidny 9D VR attracted many people to experience (3)

After experienced the 9D VR, they all said “ the equipment was so exciting”, “ The film and game were so real and vividly”.

Besides the 9D VR, they were interested in all of our equipments, for example, the 360 degree driving simulator, f1 racing car simulator, 720° flight simulator. Look, How happy they are!

Xidny 9D VR attracted many people to experience (1) Xidny 9D VR attracted many people to experience (2)

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