The level of film making has evolved and touched newer heights with introduction of various kinds of innovative technology. Not only the making of these movies got affected but the entire user experience has taken a new leap. The reason for such a drastic change is the introduction of dynamic viewing theatres which extends to enhance user experience with the kind of cinematic systems. The introduction of the 4D, 5D and the 7D cinema systems are largely the prime drivers to such an enhancement.

The technology being new and highly technical it is not every manufacturer’s capacity of designing and manufacturing these units. It takes a thorough research and development backed by highly advanced machineries to create systems like the 5d cinema theater simulator or the 7d cinema theater simulator. There are a few companies which have been in the business of creating these highly advanced and versatile systems but not all have excelled to provide virtually every form of these theaters. One of the companies which hail from Guangzhou in China has been in the business of creating innovative technology experience for over 14 years. The company is the Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Machinery Co. Ltd. Their products are a result of several specialized technical skills and the efforts of skilled staff teams where they devote a great deal of time in research and development.

La compañía fabrica y diseña 4D Cinema Seats, equipo de cine 5D junto con equipos completos para sistemas de cine en 5D/6D/7D/9D/10D/11D/XD.

Para las personas que buscan una opción de teatros móviles y la necesidad de llevar a los sistemas de un lugar a otro, el sistemas de cine en camiones móviles 5D 7D fabricados por la empresa podría ser una opción ideal.


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