“E-World 83 Tower” is the largest and best theme park in southern South Korea. Since its opening in 1995, the number of visitors has more than 2.5 million. This park has its pluralistic recreational and leisure facilities, which is much suitable for family trip.

virtual reality

The VR CORE is exclusively operated in this famous park of “E-World 83 Tower”. With the advantages of the unique geographical , the great sense of sci-fi decoration and those varied popular VR entertainment equipments, the highest statistic of passengers visit in VR CORE is more than 5,000 people.


The VR CORE, which is a virtual reality experience hall that just launched in South Korea by DMBLUE., CO LTD. It’s occupied 362.34 square metres and many of black technology VR simulator equipments has logined in VR CORE, they choose ZhuoYuan vr equipment such as 9D VR Double Seats , 9D VR Six-Seats, VR walker, HTC VR space walk, Eagle Flight VR, 720 degree flight simulator, 360 degree simulator, and each interactive VR simulator would bring you into a fantasy and thrilling three-dimensional vitual world. Experiencing in VR CORE, to start your unforgetable adventure in VR world!

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