9d virtual reality is your best venture investment projects (1)

As a senior gamer, Mr. He was sensitive to all of virtual reality game products. When he heard of the Xindy 9d virtual reality from the TV news, he searched it on the internet immediately and find a physical store to experience the 9d virtual reality. After he experience it, he was very excited and realized that the 9d virtual reality can bring great business opportunities. Then he contacted our sales person and visited our company.
Después de un mes, su amplia experiencia de realidad virtual tienda ha abierto. Dijo que su experiencia de realidad virtual tienda rotación completa de más de 450 dólares por día. Además, el volumen de negocios puede llegar a 750 dólares en los días festivos.

Mr. He said that the reason why he can earn so much money is product diversification. He though it was too simple if he just buy one virtual reality to show in his shop. After long deliberation, he bought the 7d cinema, three seats 9d virtual reality and the vibrating virtual reality simulator. He though the vibrating virtual reality simulator, 9d virtual reality and Cine 7d is a good match. Since these equipment suit for different groups of people to play. When meet the needs of different customers, the business will naturally be good.

Gracias por su fuerte apoyo y la confianza en nuestra empresa. Vamos a hacer todo lo posible para proporcionar el mejor servicio, vamos a la cabeza para el éxito futuro de la mano

9d virtual reality is your best venture investment projects (2)

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