Polish customers purchased funinvr’s equipment

9D VR consists of a 360° panoramic spectacles, an interactive seat, and a content repository, with single seats and two seats., wearing 360° panoramic glasses In the game is like being really. By turning the head to aim at the target and controlling the joystick to operate, people who played have been shocked by its exciting experience.

Equipped with the world’s most cutting-edge VR technology, 9D VR offers multi-sensory, including vision, auditory sense and somatosensory, vivid simulations which immerse you into a 720°view virtual world to experience the unprecedentedly breathtaking and exciting scenes. Sitting in a 9D VR egg con una silla de realidad virtual, abrirá un portal a muchos mundos virtuales, por ejemplo, escalar montañas en una montaña alta, bucear bajo el agua en el océano profundo, explorar en una ciudad subterránea, aterrizar en Marte e incluso viajar en el tiempo a la antigüedad o al futuro.,,en,Los clientes polacos compraron el equipo vr de funinvr | Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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