Beskrivelse af selskabet

Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co, Ltd, et datterselskab af Guangzhou Zhuoyuan Group. Siden oprettelsen i 1999 har Guangzhou Zhuoyuan succes opbygget 3 kendte mærke- Trend, Xindy og Linkyou, der nyder stor anseelse i hele verden. Vores vigtigste produkter omfatter 5D / 7D / 9D,,en,udstyr, hvert sæde,,en,simulator, flysimulator, F1 racerbil simulator, 360 graders bil simulator ...,,en,Baseret på sin førende ekspertise i dynamisk platform og simulering teknologi, Xindy endnu en gang pionerer i den virtuelle virkelighed industrien med den banebrydende 9DVR simulatorer, VR løbebånd, vibrerende vr simulator og stå op flyvning vr simulator ...,,en biograf equipment, each seat 9d vr simulator, flight simulator, F1 racing car simulator, 360 degree car simulator…
Based on its leading expertise in dynamic platform and simulation technology, Xindy once again pioneers in the virtual reality industry with the ground-breaking 9DVR simulators, vr treadmill, vibrating vr simulator and stand up flight vr simulator…





What’s more, Xindy owns an exclusive, professional film crew to develop new 9D VR films for our customers’ continuous benefits. Therefore, our film update is guaranteed and reliable, ensuring flexible and customized films well received by our customers.
Each VR film made by Xindy has exclusive copy right. If any other brands use our copyrighted films unfairly without our written permission, we will defend our rights with legal measures, free our customers from worries of copyright infringement.

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Four Advantages of Xindy

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Rich Industrial Experience
With over 16-year experience in virtual reality industry, Zhuoyuan is a leading designer and manufacturer to run the longest business in this market. It has a team of professional and experienced engineers to lay the solid foundation for the company’s technology innovation and reliable quality.

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Strong R&D Capability
From the development of 3D to 9D products, we learn from our 16-year experience that technology is the primary productivity. The launch of our 9DVR simulator is a significant attempt to reach the international level in the virtual reality industry. The success of 9DVR has ranked China in a leading position in producing consumer virtual reality devices. It will also create a new business model in the industry.



Diversified Product Line
Zhuoyuan havde en varieret produktsortiment. Den første er 5D / 7D biograf udstyr, der nyder godt ry i branchen. Den anden er avancerede simulatorer, såsom 360 ° bil simulator, flysimulator, F1 racerbil simulator mv Det nye produkt, 9DVR simulator, vil ikke blot øge vores virksomheds kapacitet, men også give flere valgmuligheder for vores kunde.,en

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Comprehensive Services
Zhuoyuan provides comprehensive one-stop services and solution tailoring to customers’ need, including store location, decoration design, installation & operation training, marketing planning, equipment repair and maintenance, movie update, system upgrade, etc.


24 hours After-sales service support