7D biograf is a interactive entertainment, interactive games in one, let the audience feel the amazing interactive movies while driving around double the growth of a consumer entertainment device. Bid farewell to the traditional forms of entertainment, not a single go to the movies, but rather to provide interactive games, integration with the movie scene, the protagonist of the film do.
Investeringer gennemførlighed og fordele
(A) underholdning markedsforhold huller, lille investering, lav risiko.
(B) large entertainment market consumer demand, high-yield, quick returns. China’s 1.3 billion people in the 21st century, the gradual increase in demand for entertainment, although the country have established entertainment venues, such as bars, KTV, movie theaters, but the demand for increasing fresh entertainment, such as starting a new 7D theater, 2014 During the Spring Festival, 3D movie “Monkey King” hit a new high at the box office, which can be seen widespread consumer consumer demand for stereoscopic cinema, at the opening of the sky during the 2014 Phantom movie experience 7D shop also gained huge gains during the 30 fare Yuan around, there are still many parents with children, young people bring their friends to experience different 7D movie, do six seats franchisee of the day there are five or six thousand of income, a large demand for quick returns, input-output ratio .
(C) støtte til at forbedre den overordnede drift, gensidig gavn og opnå en win-win. Mange parker, caféer og underholdningsmuligheder at åbne en nærliggende biograf 7D, kan stimulere den lokale underholdning forbrug samlet, samledes popularitet, øge forbrugernes opholdstid, stimulere forbruget, og nogle franchisetagere åbnede 7D teater åbnede også en te butik i seerne kan sidde ned og drikker mælk te karensperiode, chat, og derefter bestille en biografbillet for at se filmen fest. Åbne te butikker kan også overveje at indføre 7D film, ekspanderende virksomhed, to business gensidig fordel og opnå en win-win situation.

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