What is 5d cinema? As hype stunt in recent years, believe that everyone heard more or less. Cinema 5d is developed on the basis of the 4d cinema. Compared with the 4d cinema, 5d cinema combine with the 4d motion seat experience, and increase the sense of smell, touch, and other functions. The audience watching the movie, not only can ” touch ” to the objects in the movie, can ” meet ” the wind, rain, thunder and lightning scenarios. Let the audience have an immersed and enjoyable to read.


what is 5d cinema

Based on 4d, 5d is derived a representation of a film, and contains 4d cinema and the use of seat effects and environmental effects. Bright spot is according to the drama, it will simulate a variety of special effects such as the thunder and lightning, wind and frost, rain and snow, and integrate the explosion shock, sight, hearing, smell, touch with the move feeling. How the actual effect ? only personally to the 5 d cinema have a try then.

what is 5d cinema




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