Wallance yang had been working with clothing and shoes for a long time, but the business in not good. Finally the business faltered and then failed. The affair let Wallance yang losing confidence in doing business. But once, a classmate reunion let him change his view. Because, during the party, all of his classmates were discussing the business project. He overhead his classmate talking about the VR simulator. But at that time, he didn’t know what the VR simulator is. When returned home, he searched the VR on the Internet immediately. After he saw our VR simulator in our website and called our sales person for some detailed things, he made up his mind to open a VR simulator experience center.

According Wallance yang’s feedback, his experience center’s business are very hot. And he usually work late at night. He said he was tired but still happy.

Desitgem un bon negoci per a tots vostès, florent font de riquesa, la vida familiar feliç i un desenvolupament continuarà en els nostres tractes comercials. Els meus millors desitjos!

VR Simulator realize your own business dream (1) VR Simulator realize your own business dream (2)

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