2D screen showing the effects of a plane, it’s like a piece of paper that says the contents of the same, only the original reading.

3D is a three-dimensional picture, like many online games such as World of Warcraft has with the naked eye 3D display, as well as traditional theater play 3d movie, it is more than a one-dimensional 2d, can be understood as it is the existence of a space.

5D/7D belong to the four-dimensional, there is a combination of three-dimensional simulation of the surrounding environment combined with the four-dimensional space; it is a new product on the basis of 3D movies, plus environmental effects, which consists of imitating simulation. Therefore 7D can experience hair, water, smoke, bubbles, snow, lightning and other special effects, the formation of a unique form of performance. Experience who can isolate “lightning, wind, snow”, when “snow” There is a sense of cold, rain will “wet” the clothes, the “weightless” feeling when you fall.

7D can not watch movies seatbelt, can not wear “3D glasses.” While taking advantage of seats effects and environmental effects, surreal visual experience with a special, irritant effects synchronized performance to simulate scenes and special agencies set up to mimic the actual event, generating contrast, lifelike stereo Meanwhile the screen, as the story changes, simulate a variety of special effects lightning, wind, frost, rain, snow, and other explosive impact, visual, auditory, tactile and dynamic blend perfectly, allowing the audience to participate and integrate into the heart and soul to plot among fantasy simulation experience, thrilling adventure.
7D is a key feature of the effect of environmental effects, that is, the audience can experience being in the movie the same environment, strengthen the feeling of the audience immersive experience with the characters in the film’s environment.

5d 7d cinema


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