1. projection equipment not more than four hours continuous use
Note the use of the process that aims to prevent the use of the long lead time equipment bulbs produce very high temperatures, long long time cause the device to decay faster.

2. when using the projector is switched when we should pay attention to proper spacing correct
This is detailed in terms of when the projector is turned on and off between the switch, keep the projector halfway there about five minutes cooling time.

3. The power supply of the projector we use need to maintain consistency
Projectors and computers connected therewith should try to connect to the same power outlet, so that when the power plug to avoid the phenomenon of damage caused by arcing between the socket inside the projector power supply circuit. Additionally, if you do not use the same power outlet, there may be electrical power mismatch, so that the projector is not working properly.
Of course, when you connect the power outlet, be sure to pay attention to the nominal value and the polarity of the power supply, while ensuring reliable grounded outlet and use the power cable that comes with the projector.

4. in order to prolong the life of the equipment we have in the course we should also pay attention to the order of operations in strict accordance with the equipment to operate.

Today you can see the contents of these four points 5d cinema equipment maintenance knowledge is knowledge about the projector for everyday use and maintenance aspects. If your machine life is not long it is likely that your cause of improper operation.

The projector is in use, it should be noted that to ensure stable voltage jack is good, and if it is placed on the desktop, then projected careful process of projection of power in the machine, the human non-normal power off (kick off power lines or in the course did not wait for the machine to put good heat dissipation power cord unplugged), so that the bulb is very hurt, prone to burst or affect lamp life;

After the general projector (except 7 * 24 hours engineering machine), please use the three and a half hour, turn off the projector one hour boot again, so that the internal heat to cool sufficiently to ensure the life of the bulb, durable and machine parts, good heat dissipation is one of the important conditions for extended lamp life

Secondly, the dust is very important, projector dubbed the “vacuum cleaner” because the dye projector dust phenomenon is widespread, many DLP machines with dust-proof design, or closed, or with a dust cover, “dust wall” design uses three-dimensional multi-layer filter, air filter for easy removal, can be repeatedly cleaned, which also blocked the invasion largely smoke, you can check your machine’s model, to see whether the machine has the dust-proof design.

Another point is that in the process of using the projector is turned on, do not repeatedly switch; do not get their projector shaking or displacement, or after use, the projector is best not to move, let it cool, because in power projection bulb temperature is high, wick easily fracture; projection confidential careful not to collide, gently, carefully throw.

Applications projector is very wide, everyone knows when the projector is a component problem with this device is unable to properly functioning. Let’s say you usually pay no attention to the maintenance of the light bulb. Projector lamp is a projector eyes, projector bulbs as an important supplies.

Maintenance Tips For Projector of 5d Cinema Equipment


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