The Wuhan International Game and Amusement Fair had come to an end completely. There were hundreds of enterprises took part in the fair, exhibition area exceeded 20,000 square meters. According to field investigation, exhibitors and visitors’ satisfaction was almost 90%. And it became the most influential amusement machine exhibition in central China.

But, there were no doubt that Xindy’s booth was still the most popular booth in this fair. So, now we are going to describe the exhibition in three parts.

All of Xindy vr machine were sold out in fair (4)

Part One
The visitors were scrambling to experience our VR machine. Though our booth covered 200 square meters, it was still jam-packed with people.
There were a long line at the six-seat 9d vr machine, Three-seat 9D vr machine, vr treadmill, vibrating vr machine and stand-up flight vr machine…

All of Xindy vr machine were sold out in fair (1)

Part Two
Xindy’s booth not only full of buyers, but also became the focus of the media. Various mainstream medias reported our booth and the vr machine. What’s more, they had reported our latest vr machine Space-Time Shuttle vr machine and splashed it all over the headlines.

All of Xindy vr machine were sold out in fair (2)

Part Three
All of the experience goods were sold out in three days. First was the vibrating vr machine, then was the vr treadmill, six-seat 9d vr machine… Even some customers were paid for our vr machine by cash in the fair.

All of Xindy vr machine were sold out in fair (3)

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