This is a video sent by our customer to praise us. In the video, he had mentioned our perfect after-sales service system, strong technical background support and the super continuous supply of virtual reality movies. At last, he said he had made a right decision that bought the VR 3D Glasses 9D kino,,en,se temelji na 3D kino tehnologiju integracija, uključujući optoelektronike, snijeg, vibracija, vodeni sprej, kosu i druge složene efekte scene naročito od nove generacije digitalnih video tehnologije!,,en Simulator from Xindy.

When he just set the three sets VR 3D Glasses 9D Cinema Simulator in the shopping center and testing the it. Though the VR 3D Glasses 9D Cinema Simulator not really in business yet, it have attracted lots of people to gather around since its unique fashion appearance and their curiosity about new things. It is also conceivable that it can attract more and more people after he start business and earn more money.

We sincerely wish all of our client’s cinema great success after opening with good luck and a development with prosperity! Thank you for your support and recognition.

VR 3D Glasses 9D Cinema Simulator

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