I arrived home at 10 o’clock last night, And the VR machine goods have been delivered . The connection was connected for 2 hours and the line was really much.

After the installation was completed, I playing the 6 Seats VR kino,,en,se temelji na 3D kino tehnologiju integracija, uključujući optoelektronike, snijeg, vibracija, vodeni sprej, kosu i druge složene efekte scene naročito od nove generacije digitalnih video tehnologije!,,en Dark Mars , And experienced it until dawn, playing the next VR racing moto .for half an hour,There is no obvious-vertigo.
Say the feelings,Although the online VR is quite vomiting before, But the feeling for me is shock, and awe of technology. But by the time of the VR generation, I was still moved and experienced an epoch-making page. This shock is even stronger than Wii’s changing play style and 360 rewriting .
Players who don’t play VR machiner can’t understand the feelings of real VR players

Ako želite znati više o vr simulator. Molimo Vas da ostavite poruku, kontaktirat ćemo vas u najkraćem mogućem roku!,,en,Xindy 9d vr kino simulator cijena virtualna stvarnost za prodaju Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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