The first time We played virtual reality game , From VR theme park

The overall was good. I booked the shooting Pavilion in advance. In fact, the choice of the 3 Seats 9D VR chair machine in the hall is fine. It is more cost-effective. It is not enough for three people to share one hour.

Environment: The place is very easy to find, It is the VR theme park , Very interior design of the VR theme park, The place is very wide,The air conditioning in the lobby is very good,The room air conditioner has been opened in advance, very cool. I saw a cola drink delivery in the private room. The service is really good.

Service: The waiter accompanied the whole process, The service was good. The three of us said that everyone played for 20 minutes. Fortunately, when we guys played, The supplier man reminded us time is up, otherwise we would have to give more money over time. Later, we get half more Hours, The game process has been very impressive, the merchants also do a reminder service, especially reminded us and explained the rules at the beginning, They Will reminder guests in advance ,If they paly overtime merchants will collect the money, business services are good! VR is still very interesting, you can play a lot of games, Business service all good

Ako želite znati više o vr simulator . Molimo Vas da ostavite poruku, kontaktirat ćemo vas u najkraćem mogućem roku!,,en,Xindy 9d vr kino simulator cijena virtualna stvarnost za prodaju Xindy Animation Inc.,,en

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