Sada postavite vizuelni, auditivni i taktilni interaktivne teatra u jednoj od 7D ne učiniti ako se osjećate isti učinak! Danas, tehnologija je postala sve više i više razvijena, mnoge napredne tehnologije je primijenjen stvoriti aspekte teatra! Sada najatraktivnijih 7d teatra bio je publika "gomila"! ovaj ima ekonomski potencijal, tehnološke magije doba, Zhuo Ying Yong rata film pionir, učiniti ako se osjećate super pametan 7D interaktivne televizije, nije isto osjećaj ovdje!

7d film theater is a door to a mysterious world. Once entered this world, you are both moviegoers, but also a participant. Raging torrent, staggered rocks, waves off the boat has just been flying in the air, and suddenly heavy fall, caught in the undertow bumps up and down, the road seems to be hindered by the rocks, like a maze, a few crocodiles Zhang Xuepentaikou lunged, you put that prop gun, aim and pull the trigger constantly, gradually sinking water crocodiles, sea instant red, you agonistic! Out of the whirlpool, the boat turned the corner road with plunging down rapids, hurricanes rotate flying indiscriminately, coerced marked spray your skin, but also a chance to feel the biting chill, flocks of vultures dive tucked chilly wind from the air down, escaped a faint, you quickly raised his gun crazy props fire, vultures screaming pieces; just to breathe, the water and from the ferocious piranhas jump out, sharp teeth would bite your face, unable to avoid the collision, you can only fight with guns. This is the 7D interactive movie gives moviegoers irritation: Not only is the romantic rafting, also horror adventure! Moviegoers with integrated screens, little change in the scene as realistic reality, all the episode took place in front of you, all the actions are out of the screen! Also, each viewer has a unique ID and the real picture, the computer will be assigned according to the different seating positions according to each person’s participation in different roles, and give different points based on the results of audience participation, after the end of the movie theater the computer scoring system will be sorted according to the level of integration, so that the audience as well as to watch again and impulsive desire to participate.


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