VR products manufactured by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan are really suitable for large scale VR or game experience centers. Many customers either in China or from other parts of the world choose Guangzhou Zhuoyuan’s VR products as their signature products in their physical stores. Here is a good example of that. This customer comes from Costa Rica, he runs a game center of his own named Vortice game center which based in Cartago, Costa Rica. His game center is actually a VR game experience center because the majority of the deployed game products are VR tech-based. The customer bought three hot selling products from Guangzhou Zhuoyuan, they are Two seats 9D simulator, Gatling VR simulator and VR. It has been for a while since the open of his game center, now, according to him, the three Zhuoyuan’s VR product have already become the backbone of his business. He claimed in his feedback that many people come to his game center to experience these VR machines, he also praised that VR products designed and manufactured by Guangzhou Zhuoyuan are fashionable and high-quality. Currently, the Costa Rica customer is considering expanding his game center and purchase more VR products so as to boot his profits.

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