Xindy, as the long-term and depth of cooperation partnership with Intel. We are the only VR entertainment equipment brand which was invited to the 2016 Intel Summit.

In the summit, it showed the science and technology how to change our life, proposed solution about the cutting-edge technical problems and finally it had a wonderful Demo Night Show. This is Intel’s biggest summit. This summit oriented to Intel’s brand retail outlet, intelligent equipment partners and original equipment manufacturer…

Furthermore, this summit had a 6000㎡exhibition venue. It was divided in 5 venue : Video Forerunner Venue , Infinite Creative Venue, Game Geek Venue, Personal Life Venue and Business Intelligence Venue. Each venue’s appearance like a technical ball.

Xindy showed the most compelling vr equipments in Summit (4)
As the VR representative, Xindy showed the most compelling vr equipment in the summit.

This is the first ভিআর ট্রেডমিল,,en,পোস্টগুলি "ভিআর ট্রেডমিল",,en,ভিআর ট্রেডমিল | জিন্দি অ্যানিমেশন ইনক। - পার্ট 2,,en applying on commercial project all over the country, it originality mapped the player’s true movement (walking, running, standing) into virtual scene, which really to meld the player’s movement and the game characters into one.

Xindy showed the most compelling vr equipments in Summit (1)
Stand-up Flight VR equipment is the unique standing virtual simulation equipment on current market, mainly experience on simulate flying, skydiving, skiing, rafting and other extreme sports.

Xindy showed the most compelling vr equipments in Summit (2)
This two vr equipment attracted a lot of people to experience. Of course, we were the focus of attention in the summit. Because of that, we won the “The Most Popular Booth” prize and we were the only prize-winner in the summit.

Xindy showed the most compelling vr equipments in Summit (3)

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