What is 9d Theater:

9D film as emerging and traditional movie viewing different way, not only reflected in its disruptive effects system (viewing device), the movie also with the traditional 2D/3D movie are very different.
First, 9D movie viewing options.

Xindy 9D Videos To increase the participation of the audience, a sense of realism and excitement, the general design of the first-person perspective, so as to more easily interact with the film’s audience, to the effect 9D experience. Of course, there are some manufacturers directly to 3D videos available on the market as 9D movie sources, coupled directly after the screening for a simple action file, so although you can reduce development costs, but it will affect the viewer experience, is a worth the practice.

Secondly, 9D movie screenings restrictions on the equipment.

9D movie making is a costly development process, so each merchant’s resources will be encrypted movie 9D, 9D own video can only be played on its own 9D theater equipment. So 9D movie does not contain only the movie, there is a corresponding action file, there is no corresponding action, 9D movie will become a common 3D sources.
Furthermore, 9D movie set on time.

5D movie market generally 8-15 minutes, as opposed to traditional film, looked very “not to see.” This is mainly determined by several aspects:

1.5D film developed at a huge cost, long length movies easily allow manufacturers to make ends meet.
2.5D movie with a corresponding seat action, viewing time will affect the feel of the audience experience.
3. Appropriate video length, can increase profit margins, cost recovery as soon as possible to facilitate businesses.
Finally, select 9D video content. 9D video content to sci-fi, adventure, horror and other content-based, mostly to bring excitement or novelty, to give the left a deep impression in a short period of time, to create a good experience results.

Which Devices are Included in 9D Cinema Theater:
Display screen equipment: high gain, viewing angle, professional stereoscopic projection screen cinema metal, long life, anti ambient light interference.
Seat device: 9D special dynamic seat theater, a 6-DOF control, 12 position, 36 combinations, 72 action.
Central control equipment: three-dimensional video playback revision control, motion control sport seats, sport curve, and feel the effects of control.
Stereoscopic projection equipment: Industrial grade stereoscopic movie player projection equipment, with a high screen resolution, brightness, color reproduction is good, with a good watch.
Special effects equipment: seats, power systems with dynamic subsidence, swing, vibration, touch legs, jet, spray, ear the wind, ears and other sound effects functions; ambient effects can be simulated bubbles, smoke simulation, simulation snowfall, under simulated rain, lightning immersive simulation to increase the audience a sense of integration and irritation.
Theater audio equipment: high-quality multi-channel surround sound audio system. Can be simulated flight, thunderous sound like. Multi-channel surround sound system features can make objects produce surround movement of moving objects can be precisely positioned to allow three-dimensional stereo sound movie together to form a true three-dimensional sense of space. Create a three-dimensional audio-visual space.
Other auxiliary equipment: control software, stereoscopic glasses, connecting pipelines, hanger.

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