The term technology hot customers concerned about the answer, in order to promote industry basic concept and knowledge, help the investors from the technical point of view, really understand 5D, 7D difference, to avoid being cheated some undesirable businessman!

Investors would ask now the popular 5D, what is the difference between the 7D সিনেমা? For investors how to choose? Will be a headache. Synchronous playback of 5D is a dynamic seat + + three-dimensional film special effects, to create an immersive Guanyin feeling; 7D is based on 5D, to increase the audience and film character interaction, through the interaction of the gun to exorcise demons, game and enemy air combat, shooting and other stimuli.

See from the point of view of Technology: the 5D সিনেমা has 3 driving modes: pneumatic, hydraulic, electric. From the movement of the combination of movements: the 3 degrees of freedom, 6 degrees of freedom, which again according to whether with electronic scale, divided into high and low two. Motion effect with electronic scale is more fine, soft, accurate and synchronous. Viewers to experience the most comfortable, cinema going is the fundamental guarantee.

Pneumatic and electric energy saving point of view: comparison of energy saving and environmental protection, hydraulic relatively not enough protection, but for a single platform, general equipment covers an area smaller than the gas dynamic. Electric as energy saving and environmental protection.

Dynamic theater, of course, to consider the motion effect factors, electric to motion control and mechanical structure of high speed, precise, fine and smooth simple, maintenance free, ultra quiet with the best viewing experience, also can simulate various kinds of sports and the content of the film. Pneumatic hydraulic action time, compared with pneumatic, pneumatic soft a little better.

Finally, of course the price is one of essential factors for small theater, single platform, pneumatic and hydraulic platform price is the lowest price almost. Electric top.
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