A little while ago, Aline baited me into visiting the newly opened “shopping paradise” Sihlcity, by inviting me to a 5D সিনেমা screening. That sounded like a worthwhile experience, so I bit the bullet and agreed to accompany her to the mall for a few hours before I finally got to sit down in a cinema chair.
Five-dimensional cinema combines the revival of the 3D glasses with moving seats and a combination of scents, wind, and water vapour sprayed into your face.
The scents were definitely interesting, especially given the animal animation movie we watched, which would present us with the olefactory sensation of e.g. a rhino’s behind. Lovely, can you imagine? Also, wind and water vapour were interesting additions, although they seemed too forced every time.
Then there were the moving chairs: when you have ice bears sliding through caves in much the way it happened in Ice Age 2, you’d assume the chairs to sway around; instead, they bounced back and forth and shaking you hard every time they reached the opposite position. It was as if the movie makers wanted to ensure that you don’t even think about getting comfortable.
The worst aspect of the whole joke was that we got a whoppin’ 15 minutes of movie and 10 minutes of a ridiculously stupid quiz show for the CHF 12 (\~ 7.50€) it cost us to “enjoy” the show; and I did actually like the 3D animation on screen and the scents, so it was not too much of an issue to fade out the rocking chairs. But it just stopped. What an amazing rip-off.
Never shall I have to go experience this crap again.


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