what’s Hydraulic system truck mobile 9d সিনেমা?

It is the most advanced digital movie technology in the market which you can see, hear, touch and feel snow, wind, bubble, water as the movie goes on. 5D সিনেমা viewers can experience new unique features, touch water, snow, bubble and feel smoke, lightning, legs touching, flowery flavour,etc. More special effects, luxury seats and high configuration can be called 9D cinema. Actually, 5D cinema is same as 9D cinema, the different is only the effects and environment.

Hydraulic system truck mobile 9d cinema equipment

জলবাহী সিস্টেম ট্রাক মোবাইল 9d সিনেমা সরঞ্জাম

Hydraulic 5d cinema System Platform simulator equipment

হাইড্রোলিক 5D সিনেমা সিস্টেম প্ল্যাটফর্ম কাল্পনিক সরঞ্জাম

হাইড্রোলিক বেস ওজন 300kg
সর্বোচ্চ চাহিদার ওজন 2000kg
ভোল্টেজ 220V/380V
ক্ষমতা 3.7KW
তুল্য মুভিং 1715mm×1400mm×550mm
উদ্ধরণ মাত্রার 210-230mm
পরিবেশ অন্দর
অ্যাম্বিয়েন্ট আর্দ্রতা ডিগ্রী lower than 70%
হিউম্যান সান্ত্বনা ডিগ্রী 85%-95%

1.Standard power is 380V.(220V also can work with a frequency converter.)

2.The brand of motor is S.Y from Taiwan, the oil pump is EALY also from Taiwan,

we provide the best quality equipment to customer.

Standard Configuration:

1.Projector system: Adopting double projector to realize a group image or multiple group image columnar seamless surface connection. When playing, two projectors star at the same time and corresponding to left and right movie.

2.Three-dimensional screen system: Metal Soft Screen or Hard Screen, can choose standard 4:3,16:9 screen or even circular-screen. Installing the screen frame above the ground or on the wall are available.

3.Motion seats system:9D electric platform and 9D hydraulic platform are professional design and production, in addition to the back and forth, left and right, up and down movement of tradition 6DOF platform,9D cinema platform add a lot of angles action to achieve the effect of any movement of the platform within a certain rang.

4.Special effect system: Including lighting simulation, rain simulation, snow simulation, smoke simulation, bubble simulation, hot drop dropping, vibration, air blast, mist spray, leg sticker, ear wind, ear sound and etc.

5.Computer control system: To make sure all the system can work under order, achieve good effect to the audience. Process engineers setting the order in exact time according to the movie, to control the switch of projector system, motion chair, effect machine and sound system .

প্রজেক্টর এনইসি SHARP PANASONIC 2600,2800,3000,3500,4000,5000 Lumen
পর্দা 4:3 11:9 120inch,150inch,180inch,200inch
আসন 2seats,4seats,6seats,8seats,9seats,12seats,16seats,18seats,24 seats etc. 2DOF 3DOF 6DOF
স্পেশাল ইফেক্ট lighting, rain, snow, smoke, bubble, hot drop dropping, vibration, air blast, mist spray, leg sticker, ear wind, ear sound and etc.



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