Nakuru, is the fourth largest city in Kenya and the capital of Nakuru County in Kenya. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Kenta.
Eric, one of our clients, settled on local city life and advantages, decided to seize the opportunity, tried to do theater business in the local. So, he had bought a 7d interactive theater, 9d সিনেমা from our company.
When Eric received the 7d theater, he had installed it in a truck by himself. He said when the 7d theater installed in the truck, he can drive the car everywhere, meet different people and let more people to experience the 7d theater and the 9d cinema, so that he can earn more money. What a clever man!

Fashion modern 7d theater and 9d cinema in Kenya (3)
Now, his drove his 7d theater and 9d cinema in one of amusement parks in Nakuru. According to the Eric’s feedback, there were lots of students and teachers came to experience the 7d theater and 9d cinema everyday. A boy even watched over 10 times in one day. Eric said that the business is good and let him make a lot of money, but slow. Since many people wait to see the movies, he just have one theater. Now he is planning to buy two more theater from our company.
Thank you for your strong support and trust on our company. We will try our utmost to provide you the best service, let’s head for the successful future hand in hand. Your success is our success.

Fashion modern 7d theater and 9d cinema in Kenya (1)

Fashion modern 7d theater and 9d cinema in Kenya (2)

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