Benefits 5d সিনেমা equipment is which of these areas?

5D সিনেমা equipment is irradiated by an optical signal output to the photoelectric converter CRT, the optical signal is converted to an electrical signal continuously changing; bunch of light outside the light source, projected onto the bare valve, the internal reflection by the mirror, and can over-optical modulator, and then changes its optical characteristics can not be painted with a good product virtual table, its inherent performance is very important. In order to solve the contradiction between image resolution and brightness, which uses external light source, also called passive projection. Usually a light valve consists of three parts: a photoelectric converter, a mirror, an optical modulator, which is a controllable switch. Thus, the specter also gives MOV298D than the appearance but also “beautiful” performance profile. For example, to reach 1280 * 800 widescreen resolution, currently very popular 5D features, with short-focus lens, etc., these are so 298D is better than similar products available in the market.

5d সিনেমা সরঞ্জাম either expand or shrink, the proportion of signal loss will be some time scaling has access to the signal format will be lower than the native resolution of the projector chips. For example, the projector’s resolution of XGA, but you want to use it to display NTSC television signal format. The projector’s native resolution of 1024×768 pixels, while the resolution of NTSC television signal format only 640×480 pixels. At this time, the projector must be scaled so that TV signals by frequency to increase from 640×480 pixels to 1024×768 pixels, then the projector to be able to complete the display.

Benefits 5d Cinema Equipment is Which of These Areas?


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