From 3D stereo, 4D, 5D’s dynamic, then 7D allows you to use every pore of the body to experience movies, movies have enjoyed this art from a simple audition jumped out and become a different kind of life experience , as I just see that a large part of it, a relationship, a scrape, a baptism, and I play along with the plot and tears, with the advent of the catastrophe and trembling, I mad to want to escape the disaster, I could not help but cry out loud laughing after rebirth. All this is not what I’m too much invested, but because 7D interactive movie is a dynamic journey, sound, light, shadow, water, fog, smoke, strong shaking during an earthquake, landslide sense drowned when the , vulgarity technology created a strong 7D interactive movie experience, it is the audio-visual arts, by sensing, light, vibration and so the use of shaking becomes genuineness, taking coupled with multi-dimensional scene immediately which introduces the viewer, watching movies, became experienced a cinematic experience.

For the current market 4D, 5D সিনেমা separate. 7D dynamic game-specific dynamic seat theater has six degrees of freedom control, 12 position, 36 combinations of 72 movements.

5d dynamic film company said, can be made according to the plot by a computer-controlled fall, rise, swing, shake, spray air, water, and other special effects action leg sweep. In addition, you not only see and hear, you can also spray effect makes you smell and taste the different flavors, but also shock, fall, hair, water, scratching and other effects introduced into the dynamic theater, and according to the film’s scenario designed screen with scenes of smoke, rain, optoelectronics, bubbles and other effects, the formation of a unique experience, so you can get when watching movies 7D vision, hearing, touch, smell and other full experience. 7D dynamic game film interesting, stimulating, shocking, so you see a fascinating look twice nostalgia, watching three memorable, encouraging new customers to do repeat business that is definitely something you would do.

5d dynamic film company analysis, 7D interactive movie are not limited to viewing, more important is to let you experience and participation, interactive sessions is dangerous items Central Health, you can ask questions to the protagonist, you and the protagonist can become friends, you can become a shadow, he is yours, you are his, it seems like a fantasy game, and so real, everything can not describe the feeling will take you into a magical world, loving stimulate you, if not 7D dynamic game film attracted over a Zhong Qing drama experience over and over, again and again addicted, it is definitely a miracle.

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