5D সিনেমা glasses is very special, it appears on the left side of the lens is the picture on the screen, while the right side is blank. 5d wear glasses after the movie screening of the film began, stretches in the mountains in the driveway before meandering line on both sides of the green jungle, 5d movie boundless panoramic scenery, roller coaster rapid advances in the driveway, I saw a few dinosaurs in the jungle walks, if we take the ship through to dinosaur World, a small dinosaur winked smiling, came up to me, really cute, trying to reach out to touch when suddenly a dinosaur mouths upon us, seat also will shake up, my friends and I head to the side to hide instinctively fear bitten. No pressure of cross God, the spacecraft was flying into a piece of ice and snow, then, our heads have begun to float the snow, have Sasa snow falling on the hair, face, and I reach out and grab, actually in the palm of snow a …… Finally, we seem to cross the center of the earth, the sky flying rocks overwhelming to us to hit.

After about ten minutes, the movie is over, as if crossing back to Earth from outer space, 5d movie is really a thrilling adventure land! Feet landing a moment, could not help feeling that life is so beautiful, worry, stress, sadness all are not, we should cherish life, enjoy life, be kind to his family.

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